Hello, my name is Matt Mitrovich.  For those who do not know me, I am an attorney living and working in the great state of Illinois.  I work primarily as a contract attorney, which means I assist other attorneys during the discovery period of a case by reviewing, categorizing and researching electronic documents.  Not exactly the most exciting career in the world, but those interested in learning about it can check out Just Below the Law, a group blog run by Chicago contract attorneys.  I try to contribute an article there once a month about my experience in the e-discovery industry.

When not working I spend most of my remaining free time reading.  My favorite genre is alternate history, the speculative fiction sub-genre where the story is set in a world where history has diverged from the actual history of our world.  You will find me on several places across the Internet discussing whats ifs, but the primary place to find me is at Alternate History Weekly Update.

Weekly Update is group blog I founded with the mission of keeping  fans of the genre better informed about what is going on with their favorite books, games and films.  Every week I post about genre news and share my reviews and commentary.  I am assisted by several excellent guest contributors who share their thoughts and opinions on genre related topics.  If you want to learn more about alternate history, I highly recommend you check us out.  Besides keeping my own site updated, I volunteer at the Alt Hist, the magazine  of historical fiction and alternate history, as an editor.  Alt Hist is a great place to check out original short fiction by new and upcoming writers.

As much as I like alternate history, however, I would love even more to contribute to the genre as an author.  I have taken my first steps in being an author by getting a couple of my stories published.  My World War I alternate history, “A Perfect Hell on Earth”, will be published by Jake’s Monthly in July 2012.  Meanwhile, “The Enchanted Bean”, my steampunk retelling of “Jack and the Beanstalk”, will be published by Echelon Press in 2013. To keep you updated on these stories and others, I have created this blog to be the official spot to get updates and samples of my works.  While you will see a lot of alternate history, I am not a slave to the genre.  Expect to see works of general science fiction, fantasy, horror and other genres.

I hope you like what you read here and know that feedback, even negative, is appreciated as long as it is constructive.  Thanks to my current and future fans for everything you have done to keep me going.  I look forward to what the future may bring.



About mattmitrovich

Matt Mitrovich is the founder and editor of Alternate History Weekly Update, volunteer editor for Alt Hist magazine and, starting in 2013, blogger for the relaunch of Amazing Stories. His fiction can be found at Echelon Press, Jake's Monthly and The Were-Traveler. When not writing he works as an attorney, enjoys life with his beautiful wife Alana and prepares for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter (@MattMitrovich).

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