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Writing Update 8/27/12

ImageWow, my last writing update was almost a month ago. I started this blog to keep my fans updated on what I was writing outside of Alternate History Weekly Update. Yeah, I have been falling down on the job.

Alright, just to prove I am still alive and working, I did record that guest spot on Dissecting Worlds and you can check out the final product where I join forces with my two favorite limeys to discuss alternate histories of the American Civil War. Please listen and if you need encouragement to do so, just look at some of these endorsements:

Interesting podcast about Civil War Alternate History. -Richard Small, author of Confederate Star Rises.

My knowledge of the American Civil War is not all it should it be and I actually learnt a few things listening to the podcast. -Geoffrey Wilson, author of Land of Hope and Glory.

Whoa, and that was my first ever podcast. When I raise enough funds to start my own, you can listen to my Chicago accent more often.

Okay, onto my actual writing. Wok on Down in Dixie is going well, albeit slowly. I have written about 7000 words, which is below the goal I set for the end of August. With work, Weekly Update and family keeping me busy I have found it difficult just setting aside time to write. Nevertheless, I am confident I will have something ready to send to Abaddon by the end of September.

In fact I am so confident about my ability to get back on track, I have actually started work on a new short story, tentatively called “The Road Trip”The idea for the story came about shortly after I finished “A Perfect Hell on Earth” (still available for free from Jake’s Anthology at Smashwords) during one of my free times from helping my wife chaperone high school students at the Illinois FCCLA state competition.. Reveling in my latest literary victory, I took a break to read an article about optimistic futures set after Peak Oil from io9. Intrigued by a post-apocalyptic scenario that does not end with everyone dying in a lifeless wasteland, I decided to write my own scenario and I came up with a bare bones outline of the future stretching into the early 23rd century. After finishing, I put it away because I really did not have any ideas for a character-driven story at the moment.

Then I saw this call for submissions from The Masquerade Crew looking for time travel stories to the future. My mind immediately went back to my old scenario. Eventually an idea formed about a group of friends traveling to southern Illinois to attend a college party and getting caught up in some weird occurrences down I-55. They and the reader catch a glimpse of one of our possible futures. It may be grim, but it is not without hope. The story should be ready by September for submission as well.

So that is what is new in the writing world of Mitro. Stay tuned for (hopefully) more frequent updates from me. If you are attending Chicon7 this weekend, keep an eye out for me. I will be walking around as a member of the press thanks to Weekly Update.


A new novella?

So last writing update I mentioned a new setting for my first novel. After learning that Abaddon Books was calling for 30k-40k novellas in honor of their birthday I decided to take a shot at it using my new setting.  The working title of the novella is Down in Dixie and in the spirit of Newman’s Anno Dracula and Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen you will find a lot of references to fictional universes and characters.  I hope you guys enjoy all of the easter eggs, but just be ready for it to be fast, tense and dark.

I will keep you updated as the novel progresses.  I have just written the first 3000 words and I hope to have the manuscript ready to be sent to Abaddon by mid-September.  While I hope they accept it, I am tempted to self-publish in case they don’t.  I guess we will all have to wait and see what the future brings.