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I Love Podcasts

I love podcasts. Great for passing the time at work, doing chores or exercising. The best way to describe it is talk radio for my generation and instead of conservative shock jocks I can listen to a wide variety of personalities and topics.

I listen to several SF or geek themed podcasts including Kevin Smith’s network of podcasts (Fat Man on Batman, Babble-On, Smodcast), HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast, Nerdist, Rooster Teeth, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, SF Signal and Twilight Histories. I was even a guest on the Dissecting Worlds podcast.

Recently I have been getting into audio fiction podcasts. Short stories can be fun to read, but listening to a talented reader tell a story is a completely different experience. I also like the extra filter stories have to go through. Most audio fiction podcast I listen to are usually attached to a print magazine (for example Lightspeed) so the stories need to go through more than one filter before I can listen to them on my iPod. This means the quality of stories is better then what you usually find in an anthology.

There are, however, the occasional disappointment. I guess I just don’t like second person narratives.

Synthetic Voices is a recent find that lists some of the better stories of past months. A quick listen with good recommendations. Think of it as a nexus to the multiverse.

Hopefully one day I will create my own podcast. Maybe I will use it to promote AH Weekly Update or my own fiction. Anyone else interested in starting a podcast should check out this article.

(Note: Sorry I didn’t link to all of the podcasts mentioned, but if you Google them you will find what you are looking for.)


Writing Update 11/3/12

I was hoping to write a piece on podcasting, but I decided to share some news about my writings:

  • I have just submitted a revised edition of “A Perfect Hell on Earth” to the Cruentus Libri Press anthology War is Hell. The new edition contains spelling and grammar corrections, along with some additions to the story. Those who read the first edition will still find the story the same, but the new edition is still a superior version in my humble opinion. You can still get a copy of the first edition in the alternate history edition of Jake’s Monthly.
  • I have begun my rewrite of Down in Dixie. The new story is tentatively titled Parallel Pete and follows Nick, a human with the ability to hop across timelines without the help of machines. While working for the secretive Gordian Institute, he is framed for murder and all the evidence points to someone with the same abilities as Nick. The new novel will feature characters and settings from the Down in Dixie, but will be an entirely different story. This is going to be an ongoing project because I still have some short fiction to write, for example…
  • I want to submit something to the Flying Elephant Short Story contest. I am thinking about a dark fantasy story. Set in the aftermath to a war in heaven, a father tries to save his family…even if it means dooming countless generations. I really like the ideas banging around in my head.