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“Revenants in Warfare” is clawing at your front door!

Just in time for Halloween, “Revenants in Warfare” has been published in the “Issue 5: The Historical Undead: Alternate History Zombies” of The Were-Traveler. Fans of zombies and alternate history can enjoy this “fake excerpt” from the introduction of renowned historian Jorge Roman as he gives the definitive account of the use of the dead in war.

Thanks again to Maria Kelly for giving me this chance. I hope you all enjoy my first foray into zombie literature and remember…GET BACK IN THE HOUSE CARL!!!


“Revenants in Warfare” shambles toward publication

After less than a week since my last announcement about a publication, I now have more good news. Last night I was contacted by Maria Kelly from The Were-Traveler. She loved “Revenants in Warfare”, my flash fiction piece which she described as a “meta-faux history article”. It is a “fake excerpt” from renowned historian Jorge Roman’s new book. The preeminent historian of the dead has broken new ground by detailing the history of the dead in warfare. Learn about the bloody genesis of modern society.

I had fun writing this story and I hope you will enjoy reading it as well.  Originally it was longer, but after several rewrites I shortened it to fall under your flash fiction category. This is one of my first forays into zombie fiction, despite being a huge fan of the genre ever since I stayed up late at a slumber party to watch Night of Living Dead.  While everyone else passed out, my eyes remained glued to the television as I absorbed Romero’s masterpiece.

The story will be appearing in Issue 5 of the magazine and will be published on October 29th or 30th, 2012, just in time for Halloween.

With a new short story coming out I decided to create a new bio to use a signature blurb. Check it out:

Matt Mitrovich is a long-time fan of alternate history, founder and editor of Alternate History Weekly Update and a volunteer editor for Alt Hist magazine. His fiction can be found at Echelon PressJake’s MonthlyThe Masquerade Crew and his own writing blog. When not writing he works as an attorney, enjoys life with his beautiful wife Alana and prepares for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter (@MattMitrovich).

Writing Update 9/28/12

I know I say this all the time, but I need to get better about updating this blog. New goal is at least once a week.

Alright big news: Down in Dixie is coming along nicely, but I have decided not to submit it to Abaddon Books. I wrote it as a love letter to the alternate history genre and it is that indeed. Sadly I doubt anyone would actually be interested in publishing such a reference-heavy story set in a niche market. So instead I am going to spend more time on it, flesh it out and making it novel length. I might actually submit it to a publisher, but I will most likely be self-publishing this bad boy.

Speaking of self-publishing, it has been over a year since I wrote “Collapse Theory” and I have yet to find a publisher for the story. I like the tale too much to shelve it so in the near future (hopefully this October) I will be self-publishing it. It will get me acquainted with the process, which will only help me when I finally decide to publish Down in Dixie. Stay tuned for a brief excerpt from the short story just so I can hear from you whether it is a good idea or not.

I just submitted my new short story “Road Trip” to The Masquerade Crew for their upcoming time travel anthology. Wish me luck! In the meantime I am starting working on a really short story (max word count is 2k) for The Were-Traveler’s anthology featuring zombies in alternate history settings. My tale is tentatively titled “Revenants in Warfare” and will be a short excerpt from a much longer scholarly (and, of course, fictional) tome. I am really looking forward to writing this tale. Those who know me or else have read some of my fiction, will understand how much the zombie genre has had an effect of my writing. Ever since I stayed up late during a sleep-over to watch Night of the Living Dead I have been obsessed with the walking dead. Hopefully the lead up to Halloween will put in the right mood to write this horror story.