My Stories


“The Enchanted Bean” (Echelon Press, 2013): A steampunk retelling of the classic fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk”.  Witness a daring adventurer bite off more than he can chew when he goes after treasure guarded by giants.

“A Perfect Hell on Earth” (Jake’s Monthly, July 7, 2012): The final diary of a Child Development Trooper going on his first assignment to the Western Front. First edition.

“Revenants in Warfare” (The Were-Traveler, Oct 29, 2012): An excerpt from the introduction of the famous history book written by Jorge Roman and showcasing how modern society was created by the weaponization of the dead.

“Road Trip” (The Masquerade Crew, July 2013): A group of friends heading to central Illinois for a college party get an unexpected glimpse at the fate of humanity.



“Collapse Theory”: An agent of the Time Stream Protection Task Force is sent to stop gun smugglers on an Earth where the Soviets won the Cold War, but discovers an even worse crime about to take place. Read excerpt here.


“Brief Life of a Witch”: Through brief glimpses we witness the life of a witch.  Follow her as she learns magic, fights occultists in Vienna and travel to the New World to establish a name for herself.

Parallel Pete: Nick is a universe hopper, able to move between parallel worlds without the support of technology. When he is framed for murder, he will have to use all his skills to catch the real killer before his employer decides he is more trouble than it is worth.

“The First God Eater”: A husband and father will do anything to save his family, even if it means cursing them for generations.

The Great Irony: The history of the world from 1850 to the present day.  Learn how a group of reformers in Central America brought down the great empires of Europe and birthed the world of the Four Powers.

“Ralph the Exterminator”: Desperate for money, our hero takes on an unusual job in a gated community guarded by the living dead.

“Rising Day Games”: One rookie puts everything on the line during the annual celebration marking the return of the gods.


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